July 15, 2016

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Opensuse Conference 2016

Few weeks ago, I attended to the OpenSUSE conference in Nuremberg. I arrived on Tuesday 21, with time to go to the pre-conference party. Where I met GSoC students Ana and Rishabh, also I was talking with one of my mentors, Ancor and met some of his coworkers. I also drank my first German beer.

First Day of the Conference

The first day in the conference I was helping as volunteer to set up all ready to start. The I went to these talks, SaltStack is more than just configuration management, Introduction to the Linux Block I/O Layer and Hawk 2.0 and Beyond. Before the first talk started, I met Matheus, the last GSoC student in the conference.

After that talks, we went to eat in the RibWich Food Truck. It was delicious. Then I was helping in the “reception table” until the How to Contribute to an Open Source Project workshop starts. This was a very interesting workshop where we can do a first and small contribution to Coala bears and we met the Coala project.

Near the evening, I went to the City Tour, where I have the opportunity to see the places of interest and know a little more about this beautiful city.

Second Day of the Conference

In the morning I attended to the Keynote by Douglas DeMaio, and the workshop of my mentor Ancor, openSUSE wants you: the software portal, an interesting workshop looking for a collaborator to maintain the opensuse software portal also I had my first contact with ruby on rails modifying the portal. Then I went to Teaching opensource a very nice talk about the benefits of open source software and why we have to teach it. After that I came to openSUSE 101 a workshop by Henne where he explained the mentoring program of OpenSUSE. I take the opportunity to warn to the people looking to get introduced in the free software and collaborate on OpenSUSE to take a look to the OpenSUSE program mentoring page, where you can find a lot of projects and you can apply for them. Last but no less, I attended to 20.000 Leagues Under SUSE Studio workshop by Christian Bruckmayer. This last workshop was very interesting, because I learned how to create my custom Linux image with SUSE Studio, and I was surprised how easy it is, everyone can do it.

After this round of talks and workshop, I went to the Cellar Tour, I was really impressed by the length and depth of the cellars.

Third Day of the Conference

Mentors and GSoC students had a meeting about the GSoC. This work to all, to have a view of how GSoC was going and to discover possible improvements (sincerely I think that it is difficult to improve something, because I think that all is really nice, the mentors, the communication, etc.) also works to me to know the mentors view of how GSoC is going. After that I could go to the last part of Getting started with Docker workshop. Where I had my first contact with docker.

And then I had a relaxed afternoon and then I listened the SUSE Band.

And that was my last day on Nuremberg, because I couldn’t stay until the end of the conference.

To end, I want to make a note, for me the important of this journey didn’t was the talks or the workshops. That was really nice, but for me was more important to met a lot of people like others GSoC students, my mentors Ancor and Josef, SUSE workers such as Christian, Moises and a lot of people that I can’t list here because it would be very long. It was a really nice experience.